Tower Cleaners has 26 locations and 46 years of experience!


When you choose Tower Cleaners to care for your garments, you are choosing impeccable client service, quality, and convenience. With 26 locations throughout the Calgary Area offering our complete menu of professional services, Tower Cleaners is your best choice for garment and textile care and maintenance. All our services are available for FREE Pickup and Delivery.

Dry Cleaning

While Tower Cleaners offers advanced technology and the latest in environmentally-friendly cleaning science, it’s our unparalleled attention to detail and seven point inspection process that elevates our dry cleaning service to the best garment care available in Calgary. Our team of professionally-trained inspectors is dedicated to meeting and exceeding client expectations every time, and our multi-tiered inspection process is designed to ensure every issue is addressed every time.

Green Cleaning

Dry cleaning hasn't traditionally be considered a "green" business, but at Tower Cleaners we've installed the newest green dry cleaning technology, SYSTEMK4.  SK4 is an environmentally-friendly mix of halogen-free, non-toxic, and bio-degradable cleaning agents that cleans better than traditional solvents and other green solvents on the market today.  In addition, SYSTEMK4 saves approximately 75% of steam and boiler energy, and reduces our waste output by about 75%.

We also use Seitz soaps and detergents for laundry and wetcleaning. Seitz has been awarded the EnviroKleen label for meeting environmental standards and can be used in low water temperatures, which largely reduces energy consumption.

Our environmental commitment goes beyond garment care, click here to learn more about all the green technologies and practices Tower Cleaners has put into place.

Read more about Tower Cleaners environmental resposibility


Simplify your week and save time (up to 10 hours!) with Tower Cleaners’ household laundry service. We do more than expertly clean, press, and finish your family’s laundry. Tower Cleaners’ green cleaning processes are more energy efficient than washing at home, and our detergents are scent and allergen free, which is healthier for you and eliminates fiber-damaging residues some home detergents can leave behind, meaning a longer life for your favourite garments. Plus, we inspect every garment individually to identify stains, split seams, or missing buttons, and fix it before returning your laundry to your door with our FREE pickup and delivery service.

Household Linens, Bedding, and Draperies

Crisp, clean linens and bedding are the hallmark of fine restaurants and hotels. Specialists at Tower Cleaners can clean and press your table clothes, napkins, draperies, curtains, and bedding, so that you can enjoy that same level of quality and luxury at home.

Down Pillows & Comforters

Tower Cleaners uses special machines and detergents to clean and restore your down pillows and comforters. Our expert processes ensure maximum cleanliness, yet are delicate enough for the finest comforters and duvets. You’ll be amazed at how clean, fresh, and fluffy your down comforters and pillows will be!

Area Rugs*

Fabulous oriental rugs can cost tens of thousands of dollars, while less expensive heirloom rugs can hold priceless family memories. Regardless of their origin, all rugs are designed to capture dirt and grime, and it’s those same dirt particles that can wear down the fibers and shorten the life of the rug itself. At Tower Cleaners we can help you keep your rugs healthy and beautiful and extend their lives with regular cleaning and maintenance – whether your rug is pricey or priceless. Drop off in store or call 403-262-3791 for a pickup by appointment.

*Pickup fee may apply.

Furs, Leathers & Suedes

A beautiful fur or leather garment can be a significant investment. Proper care and cleaning can lengthen the life of your item and keep it – and you – looking beautiful for years. Garments made from natural skins should be cleaned annual to restore oils and condition the hide. The experts at Tower Cleaners will return your favourite piece in perfect condition, with no warping, discoloration, or stretching.

Shoes & Handbag Cleaning/Repair

Extend the life of your shoes and handbags and save money on new pieces with regular cleaning and maintenance at Tower Cleaners. Let Tower Cleaners help you keep you and your accessories looking their best with our shoe and handbag services. We offer shoe services from cleaning and shining to replacing soles, stitching, and minor leather repairs, and our handbag services include cleaning and basic repairs. Delivery clients can include shoes and handbags in your regular pick up.

UGG Cleaning

Whether your UGGs are boots, shoes, or slippers, Tower Cleaners can restore them to near perfect condition. We’ll remove stains from dirt, mud, and water marks, and condition the leather so that they look (almost) new again! With Tower Cleaners expert care, years of experience cleaning suede, and advanced cleaning processes, your UGGs will not only look better, but they’ll also last longer.

Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

Your gown is the centerpiece of your wedding day – chosen because it, and every detail on it, is perfect for you. After the wedding is over, you want it to be kept as beautiful and elegant as the day you walked down the aisle. Our gown cleaning and preservation includes an initial inspection for damage and stains; repairs; hand removal of stains; cleaning with gentle, environmentally-friendly techniques; pressing; and a final inspection before your gown is packed in acid-free tissue and placed in a museum-quality archival box for storage. Preserve your wedding gown for the future and protect your memories for a life time with Tower Cleaners’ wedding dress preservation service. Call today for more information 403-262-3791.

Alterations & Tailoring

Let Tower Cleaners’ expert seamstresses adjust the fit of your apparel or update the cut of a favourite outfit with custom tailoring and alterations. Our services include:

  • Alterations – Hems, sleeve adjustments, waist adjustments
  • Repairs – Button and zipper replacements, torn seams, pocket replacement

If you have a question about a tailoring or alteration need, please don’t hesitate to call us or stop by with your garment. Tailoring services are regularly available at our main plant, located at 402 53rd Avenue SE. Please call 403-262-3791 for hours and an appointment.

Smoke/Fire/Water/Mold Damage

Tower Cleaners offers a comprehensive drycleaning restoration service through its Certified Drycleaning Restoration Network.